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You’re A Real Heel

One of the most common of all foot aliments happens to be heel pain. The diagnosis of the cause of this heel pain can be difficult due to an array of entities that could be the reason for this rather annoying problem. Coincidentally, the symptoms of heel pain can be just as complex and variable. […]

Warts – Are they really from toads?

Often confused as common corns and callouses Warts can be painful and stubborn problems to resolve.  Unfortunately a common problem found anywhere on the body, warts affect 9 million people a year (4.5 million of these cases are found on the foot).  Like the common cold, warts are caused from a virus therefore an antibiotic […]

Should I Just Put An Ace Bandage On It?

Unfortunately accidents do happen therefore it makes it crucial once must be prepared for injuries to the foot and ankle.  So for you at home Dr. Mom’s and Dad’s here are a few myths which one must avoid the next time you are rendering first aid. Myth:  “it can’t be broken because I can move […]

What’s Wrong With My Toenails???

Changes in toenails can be a surprisingly annoying problem.  These toenail problems can be a source of pain and pressure in shoe gear, an indicator of an undiagnosed systemic problem, a self esteem issue or even source of bacterial infection to the foot.  Studies show that as much as 30 million people deal with these […]

Blooming Bunions – “The Not So Awesome Blossom”

No these aren’t those tasty treats that you find at your favorite restaurant. But Bunions (from the Latin word for enlargement) can be a painful foot deformity that affects many individuals.  A Bunion is a malalignment of the Great Toe Joint. This malalignment results in a large bony prominence on the side of the foot […]

Now That’s Corny!

Repetitive pressure and friction by your shoes on your toes can cause the skin to respond by thickening and forming a corn. Corns are technically known as heloma duras. Soft corns which form between the toes are known as heloma molles. Typically, these corns form over boney areas and x-rays often reveal a small bone […]

Diabetes and Your Feet

Unfortunately diabetes was responsible for over 85,000 amputations of the lower extremities in the last year according to a recent survey.  Statistics like these require a cooperative effort between patients and their doctors.  The role of your Podiatrist is major one in the battle against Diabetes.  With the use of biannual foot exams in concert […]

Ingrown Toenails – Things You Need To Know!

Ingrown nails are a common problem that affects as much as 10 percent of the US population a year with children ages 4- 14 being the most common age demographic seen by physicians  If treated in a timely manner major complications can be avoided and conventional treatments are very affective.  Ingrown Nails or Onychocryptosis is […]

New Treatments Offer Relief for Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendonitis

Patients suffering from the chronic pain of plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis finally have treatment options that may offer lasting pain relief. Extracorporeal shock wave therapy and platelet rich plasma injections are minimally invasive solutions that promise relief without the pain and lengthy recovery of surgery. This comes as welcome news to the many plantar […]

The Importance of Custom Orthotics Shared by Dr. Jocelyn Curry

It is quite difficult to find someone with the perfect foot type, possessing an ideal arch height, flawless toe alignment and a seamless stride. Our foot structure is just as genetic as our eye color, excluding any congenital abnormalities. In an effort to prevent or delay the progression of certain foot ailments like bunions, hammertoes […]