Weekend Warrior

solo-runner-on-highwayThe weekends are filled with fun, excitement, and sporting events. As we progress through life, the weekend sports enthusiast begins to feel the aches and pains on Monday morning. Foot injuries and pain seems to be exacerbated with the weekend marathon, football game, or tennis match. When do you see a physician for your ailment and what specialty do you see for your aches and pains?

What is a Podiatrist and why should I see a podiatrist for my ankle and foot injuries?

Podiatric physicians not only have a podiatric medical degree but have 3 years of residency specializing in the ankle and foot. Your neighborhood podiatrist understands the complexity and overall treatment options for ankle and foot ailments. Having a true understanding of the mechanics and physiology allows for an accurate diagnosis and quicker recovery to get you back on the field or running your next 5k.

Remember, medical specialty equals an accurate diagnosis and quicker recovery. So, get out there and enjoy your spring and summer sports and know that Ankle & Foot Centers of GA has you covered from your ankles to your toes!

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