Your Golden Feet – Senior Foot Care

A Growing Population: Foot Care for the Elderly

Your Golden Feet

The year 2000 marked an important demographic in American society. For the first time in history our elderly population outnumbered our children. This is an attribute to advances in our society and health care.

However, with advancing individual age, in what is referred to as the golden years, one can expect to start showing signs of wear and tear from a lifelong use of your now “Golden Feet”.

Senior Foot Care Tips: Treating Diseases Like Diabetes

It has been said the feet are a mirror of your health; therefore your Podiatrist (foot doctor) is sometimes the first to detect signs of diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, or circulatory conditions. Taking care of our feet is crucial in managing diseases such as diabetes and circulatory conditions. Proper foot care in persons with these diseases can help decrease the chances of foot and toe amputation.