You’re A Real Heel

Heel Pain At WorkOne of the most common of all foot aliments happens to be heel pain. The diagnosis of the cause of this heel pain can be difficult due to an array of entities that could be the reason for this rather annoying problem. Coincidentally, the symptoms of heel pain can be just as complex and variable.

Patients complain of a variety of symptoms ranging from sharp pain, “stone bruising”, tenderness, soreness, burning, aching, and stiffness in the heel. Many times these symptoms are especially exhibited when an individual bears weight after a period of rest such as in the morning when arising from bed, or after sitting for a period of time during activity and then suddenly resuming the activity.

The number one reason behind heel pain happens to be plantar fascitis, which is the inflammation of a tight band of tissue on the bottom of the foot, which supports the arch of the foot. Other reasons, which could be the responsible for heel pain, include gout, arthritis, nerve injuries, heel spur, tumors of the heel bone, and collagen disorders.

Treatment of heel pain can be variable and complex just as the causes of heel can be. At home remedies include over the counter anti-inflammatories, icing, supportive shoe gear, gentile stretching of the calf muscles, and rest. Of course patients with poor circulation, diabetes, chronic illness, or any question should consult a physician prior to at home treatment.  If these remedies are found to be ineffective, a foot specialist or family doctor can aid in the resolution of these aliments. Some specialized treatments include the use of prescription anti-inflammatories, physical therapy, specialized taping and padding of the foot, inserts for the shoe, cortisone treatments, state of the art endoscopic procedures, platelet enriched plasma, and extra corporeal wave therapy.

So don’t let your heel make you feel like a real “heel” get some help today!!!