Patient Forms – Georgia

Patient Forms

We strongly encourage patients to complete their patient paperwork electronically through the MyChart E-Check In system. This efficient and convenient system allows patients to complete their paperwork before their appointment from the comfort of their own homes or on their mobile devices.

For patients who are unable to complete their paperwork electronically, we have provided a downloadable attachment that they can print and fill out. It is essential that patients arrive at their appointment with their paperwork completed, as well as arriving 30 minutes early to ensure there is enough time for any necessary follow-up questions.

If a patient fails to arrive early or complete their paperwork, it may result in their appointment being rescheduled.

We understand that completing paperwork can be time-consuming, but it is essential for providing high-quality care and ensuring that we have accurate information about our patients’ health history and current concerns.

By completing their paperwork electronically or in advance, patients can help us reduce wait times, improve accuracy, and enhance the overall patient experience. We encourage all of our patients to take advantage of these options and make the most of their healthcare appointments.