Baby Feet Development: Podiatrist in Woodstock, GA Explores Pediatric Foot Development

Woodstock PodiatristsLike all anxious parents and relatives, we eagerly await our children’s first steps; greatly anticipating where those little steps will lead them next. Here are some tips on what some of those baby steps are like from a foot specialist’s point of view.

Baby Foot Steps

The foot approaches approximately half of its adult size by the end of the first year, as a result many foot care specialists deem this the most important period in development of the foot. Naturally, any concerns about the growth of these tiny feet should be addressed by a physician. Some helpful tips include:

  1. Leave the foot loosely covered without any restriction of movement and allow the baby to occasional lay uncovered to let him or her kick and perform motions which prepare the feet for walking.
  2. Frequently change the baby’s position to avoid excessive strain on the baby’s lower legs and feet.

Baby Feet Walking

Most children began their first steps between the age of 10 to 18 months. Every child varies in reaching this milestone, therefore comparisons to other children or siblings can be misleading.

It is unwise to force a child to walk, which can interrupt the normal progression of walking. When a child’s first steps are achieved, allowing him or her to roam just with socks indoors is advisable for proper development. When outdoors, or on rough surfaces, the feet should be protected with lightweight, flexible shoes made of natural, well fitting materials.

Children’s shoes may often wear out quicker than an adult’s, or may naturally be outgrown, therefore new shoes every few months may be required. The fit is of utmost importance allowing the child’s feet to grow in a normal progression.

Baby Foot Injuries

Remember, many times the outgrowing of a major problem is not the answer. Sometimes professional attention may be required. Also, the lack of any complaints from the children in your life is not a reliable sign that there are no problems. Because the feet are so flexible at a young age they can be damaged easily without any noticeable symptoms.

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