Causes Of Foot Pain – Shoes, Genes, Or Both?

Shoe Done It? Are most feet problems from shoes?

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It is a myth that shoes cause most of the problems that our feet develop such as bunions, hammertoes, or corns. If it were true, everybody who wore shoes should have the same problems and everyone who went around barefooted would never develop any at all!

Studies have been done in Africa, as well as in the Australian Outback, on various tribes who never wear any type of shoe. These studies showed that, in fact, these groups had a lot of the same problems that we do, with one noticeable exception. Most of the problems were not significant because no shoes were present to irritate any pre-existing deformities, such as bunions.

Foot pain from traumatic and non-traumatic feet problems.

Most non-traumatic foot problems are hereditary. Like other parts of our bodies that we inherit from our parents, we also inherit the bone structure that makes up our feet and therefore the problems that go along with them. So you can thank your mother or your father for your brown eyes and your bunions.

Traumatic foot problems like stress fractures, tendonitis, and other over use injuries can often be related back to improper footwear. Someone who stands all day on concrete, or walks around in high heels every day of the week is bound to develop more problems than someone who sits at a desk all day, or works in sneakers. Remember, the types of shoes you wear have a big effect on the amount of stress your foot has to absorb.

Pick the right shoe to lessen problems with feet.

All shoes are not to be blamed for your foot problems. Shoes you select that are not comfortable or suited to your foot will definitely aggravate any problems you may already have. Select shoes that are supportive and comfortable and you won’t have to ask the question anymore, “Shoe Done It?”

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