A Step Ahead

Keeping You a Step Ahead!

Across the country, medical practices and hospitals have begun responding to patients’ needs for a new model of care, one that empowers patients to make decisions and participate in their own treatments. This new model of patient-centered care requires that all aspects of a practice – from appointment setting to exams and follow-ups – send a consistent message that every patient is a valued and respected partner in his or her own health care.

As innovators in the field of podiatry, Ankle & Foot Centers of America has embraced this model of care. We demonstrate our commitment to patient-centered care in the following ways:


Leadership at all levels of our practice is committed to delivering the best patient experience possible. As America’s leaders in the field of podiatric medicine, we excel in clinical excellence and ensure our patients receive the highest level of care and respect. Our leaders work as a team and are equipped to satisfy all our patient’s needs.

“One of the essential qualities of the clinician is interest in humanity—for the secret of the care of the patient is in caring for the patient.” — Dr. Francis Peabody


Communication between the physician and the patient is an integral part of our success and we take the time to listen carefully to our patients’ concerns. Our doctors pursue an attentive and personalized relationship to better meet individual needs, and, as respected researchers and educators in the podiatric field, we take the time to educate our patients.

Access to Care

Access to care is critical to our patients’ health. Since our founding in 1982, we have expanded to 27 locations and continue to open offices in the communities that can benefit from our offered services. We continually invest in the most advanced technology available, and we connect patients to the best possible podiatric care by offering flexible appointment times, online scheduling and acceptance of a wide variety of insurance plans. Our doctors are always on-call in case of emergencies or urgent questions, and after-hours calls are given the same unhurried care and consideration as office visits.


Information-sharing is about delivering timely, complete and accurate information to better promote the autonomy of our patients. In a time when medical websites and message boards deliver a constant stream of information (not all of it accurate!) about health care outside of the doctor’s office, we provide unbiased information in ways that are affirming and useful during the decision-making process. Furthermore, we provide education that will help our patient’s better care for themselves outside of a clinical setting.

Coordination and Integration

Coordination and integration between our clinical, ancillary and secondary services ensures that patients are being cared for effectively and efficiently. Our extended network provides access to physicians of many different specialties and our technology gives them the tools to make accurate and timely decisions regarding our patients’ health.


Participation of Patients and Families encourages more proactive decision-making and better health. Involving a patient’s family and/or friends helps to ensure a higher standard of care at every possible level. Clinical excellence is our goal and we welcome feedback from all our patients and their families.

A Team-Based Atmosphere

A team based atmosphere empowers our physicians and staff to perform at their best. We truly nurture a positive work force at our clinic and we specifically hire, train, evaluate, compensate and support a team of caregivers who are passionate in caring for patients. Our supporting staff members treat each other with the same dignity and respect we provide to each patient.

Physical Environment

Physical environment plays an important role in supporting and nurturing patients. Our clinic settings are designed to promote the healing process by giving our patients a sense of comfort and empowerment. Our clean and comfortable offices showcase the most innovative technology available while remaining warm and welcoming to patients and their families.

Clean and Comfortable Footwear

Clean and comfortable footwear is part of our uniformed dress code. We literally “walk the walk” in order to demonstrate our solidarity as a team and to maintain our own podiatric health. Our practicing physicians agree that proper footwear greatly reduces many foot ailments, so we too “follow doctor’s orders.”

A Commitment to Continuous Improvement

A commitment to continuous improvement is what drives us to provide a platform for systematic feedback from our patients and employees alike. We are constantly monitoring and measuring our performance in order to find ways to facilitate the best possible experience at our clinics. We invest in new technology that enhances our ability to care for our patients.

How We Are a Step Ahead

Industry Leading Physicians

The nationally and internationally renowned physicians at Ankle & Foot Centers of America have earned their reputations as leaders in the field of podiatry by teaching and lecturing on innovative techniques and continually staying abreast of technological advancements.

Compassionate Care

By empowering patients to make decisions and act as partners in their own treatment, our staff of experienced physicians are constantly exploring and developing creative innovations to expand proven procedures, patient care protocols, surgical techniques and instrumentation.

Modern Technology, Equipment, & Facilities

To ensure superior patient care, comfort and privacy, we have constantly re-invested into our infrastructure in order to provide some of the most advanced podiatric services and facilities in the nation. All Ankle & Foot Centers of America offices showcase the most innovative technology available while remaining comfortable and welcoming to patients and their families.


We accommodate our patient’s busy schedules by providing numerous convenient Metro-Atlanta locations with over 30 extraordinary podiatrists available for their needs. The convenience of effortless scheduling via online or by contacting one of our locations for friendly service is also available.