Reconstructive Foot Surgery

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About Reconstructive Foot Surgery

There are many different reasons why you may be in need of reconstructive foot surgery, including a previous accident or trauma, childhood disease, poor surgical outcome, or a slowly developing pain secondary to arthritis. Fortunately, our experienced podiatrists are fully equipped to perform a variety of reconstructive foot and ankle surgical procedures to not only relieve your pain but also correct the problem. If you suffer from any form of pain and believe you may require reconstructive foot surgery, the experts from Ankle & Foot Centers of America are here for you.

Reconstructive Foot Surgery

Our team of physicians have trained at the most prestigious foot and ankle surgical residency programs in the country, including the Western Pennsylvania Program in Pittsburgh, PA, and the Atlanta-based program at DeKalb Medical. Not only were we trained within the residency programs, but we also remain involved in these programs on a continual basis to keep up-to-date with their own knowledge and expertise while training the foot and ankle surgeons of tomorrow.

We participate in a variety of lecture circuits, teach cadaveric surgical skill courses, hold medical mission campaigns, and participate in educating current foot and ankle surgeons nationally and internationally on academia and surgical skills. In addition, we are actively involved in several podiatric organizations, have authored several journal and book publications, and have edited numerous articles. We are also Board Certified in fracture repair, tendon rupture repair, and other injuries sustained to the feet and ankles.

With our highly varied, extensive training in foot and ankle surgery, we are prepared for your individual situations and can offer a wide range of surgical options beyond those of the average foot doctor. Our specialties include repairing structural problems in individuals of all ages, including reconstructive surgery for painful flat feet, musculoskeletal problems like tendonitis, and much more. From the lower leg and ankle to the toes, we can do it all!

Reconstructive Foot Surgery Consultation

If you are in need of reconstructive ankle surgery, please contact Ankle & Foot Centers of America today for a consultation with one of our highly trained surgical physicians. We look forward to helping you get started on your path to a full and successful recovery.