What About Out Patient Surgery Centers?

Surgery CentersIn this day and time of evolving medicine outpatient surgery has not only become a new entity but also it has become a common place.  It has even become common that most physicians now have certified surgery centers (ASC) within their own office. 

The very same facilities found in a regular hospital operation room can now be seen in an outpatient surgery center.  Experienced Physicians, Nurses, Surgical Technicians, and staff provide services at these centers to aid in patient comfort and safety.  Many times the services rendered at a hospital can be found in a small surgery center such as high level anesthesia, x-ray capability, surgical equipment and emergency preparedness.  These centers are constantly under inspection by the government thus insuring the highest level of care and safety. 

The benefits of having your surgery within a surgery center in a doctor’s office are limitless.  For instance, the experience many times can be more intimate due to the personalized care that you receive from the staff.  Many times the staff you work with are the very same staff you are already acquainted with from the doctor’s office this provides not only intimacy but also a sense of comfort.  Many times the entire experience can be done more quickly due to the efficiency of an experienced staff and a more streamlined process in a specialized surgery center as compared to generalized surgery centers.  Finally, many times an ASC can be less expensive than a hospital.

Important questions any patient should ask their doctor about the surgery center include: 1. How much experience the ASC has in the procedure your having done 2. Is the ASC State licensed and certified and 3. What are the safety precautions taken at the ASC to ensure your safety.