Hammertoe Surgery

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About Hammertoe Surgery

A hammertoe is an abnormal, uncomfortable bend in the middle joint of your toe, commonly experienced by women who wear high heels and/or footwear that is narrow in the toe area. Not only that, but a hammertoe leads to a series of other foot problems, including soft corns, calluses, blisters, as well as crooked, contracted and rigid/stiff toes. Although there are multiple conservative treatments available, your best option is to undergo hammertoe surgery with us at Ankle & Foot Centers of America.

Hammertoe Surgery

Our hammertoe surgery is the process of straightening your toe and restoring it to its original shape and alignment. We are proud to offer several different surgical procedures, which will be chosen based on a number of individual factors, including:

  • The structural nature of your toes
  • Your age
  • The number of toes that require correction
  • The severity of the damage

Once all of these factors are taken into consideration, your podiatrist will perform one of our successful hammertoe surgeries, including a fusion of the toe bones, a removal of part of the bone in the affected toe, or – in rare cases – amputation. When your toe bones are fused together, we will provide additional support in the form of an internally attached metal implant. The implant may permanently remain in your toe or be removed throughout your recovery process, depending on your distinct case.

Unlike with other surgeries, you can walk immediately after your hammertoe procedure in a protective walking boot. For the next 6 weeks, i.e., until the end of your recovery period, you will be required to come in to our podiatrist’s office for multiple inspections. You may experience some swelling near the surgical site after the allotted time: This is normal.

When to Seek Treatment for Hammertoes

If you suspect that you may be experiencing a hammertoe, it is crucial to seek help immediately as the problem will not be resolved on its own. Not seeking treatment in a timely manner will not only cause further pain but could also permanently damage your foot. Your local podiatrists specialize in treating hammertoes and their subsequent effects, enabling us to create a unique treatment plan for your condition.

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