Should I Just Put An Ace Bandage On It?

Putting and Ace Bandage On ItUnfortunately accidents do happen therefore it makes it crucial once must be prepared for injuries to the foot and ankle.  So for you at home Dr. Mom’s and Dad’s here are a few myths which one must avoid the next time you are rendering first aid.

Myth:  “it can’t be broken because I can move it”

This is especially false in the foot and ankle because there are many bones that are thin, fragile and bear little weight and as a result still move after a fracture, however painless they still need to be treated just as any other fracture to avoid complications such as arthritis or deformity.  For example toe fractures which are not properly splinted can cause painful misalignments in the toe causing painful arthritis or corns, callouses and ulcerations of the skin.

Myth:  “Soaking in warm water helps”

Not necessarily true warmth after injury increases swelling in the early stages of an injury because warmth increases circulation to the area thus increasing pain to the area due to the pressure swelling has on sensitive nerves in the area.

Myth:  “Just put an ace band on it”

Although comforting from the pressure an ace bandage supplies to the injury site, this useful bandage does not support the ankle or foot after an injury like a cast or splint would.  This is found to be true because the Ace Bandage does help with the swelling from its pressure but it does not help rest or immobilize the injured area due to its elastic properties.

Myth:  “It’s probably a bad sprain I’ll just wait it out or just walk it off”

False many times a trained profession can bring great relief to a painful foot and enhance a quicker healed result.  It is always a good idea to rule out a fracture because of the long term painful complications such as loss of function, painful deformity, and non healed bone fracture or rupture of a tendon or ligament.

So for you part-time doctors it is always a good idea to get a second opinion when you are faced with an injury, because the consequences can be devastating to an active lifestyle.  And we all know you need health feet for a healthy life style.