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Causes Of Foot Pain – Shoes, Genes, Or Both?

Shoe Done It? Are most feet problems from shoes? It is a myth that shoes cause most of the problems that our feet develop such as bunions, hammertoes, or corns. If it were true, everybody who wore shoes should have the same problems and everyone who went around barefooted would never develop any at all! […]

Your Golden Feet – Senior Foot Care

A Growing Population: Foot Care for the Elderly The year 2000 marked an important demographic in American society. For the first time in history our elderly population outnumbered our children. This is an attribute to advances in our society and health care. However, with advancing individual age, in what is referred to as the golden […]

Achilles Tendonitis

An athlete is no stranger to injury, and one of the most common injuries athletes suffer from is Achilles Tendonitis. An injury like this starts gradually over time, starting as minor aches and grows into debilitating pain if not treated early. It is due to overuse of the Achilles tendon, the band of muscles that […]

Supportive Measures

A lot of foot problems can be traced back to a biomechanical or structure problem with the bones of the foot. A foot with a very high arch or a flattened arch may be predisposed to developing more problems than someone with a “normal” foot type.

You’re Getting On My Last Nerve

A burning sensation, particularly in the ball of the foot, can quite often be associated with a neuroma. A neuroma is frequently referred to as a nerve tumor when in fact it is not truly a tumor by definition. Nerves are much like a telephone line and carry signals back and forth between the brain […]

What About Out Patient Surgery Centers?

In this day and time of evolving medicine outpatient surgery has not only become a new entity but also it has become a common place.  It has even become common that most physicians now have certified surgery centers (ASC) within their own office.