Ankle Sprains by Roswell Podiatrist Dr. Richard Kaufman

Ankle sprains can be serious and should be given immediate attention and care. Despite not being as serious of a condition, often times an ankle sprains can be as painful as a broken ankle. An ankle sprain can lead to a significant amount of pain, as well as limited mobility. They are often characterized by swelling and discoloration of the skin (known as ecchymosis), which occurs when the ligaments are stretched beyond their limits.

The simple act of walking can sometimes cause a sprain, which makes them a very common injury for anyone. People who have high arch feet (supinated feet) are more likely to sprain their ankle than those with low arch feet (pronated feet). Sprains most commonly occur when the ankle twists in an awkward way or rolls over itself, causing a pop or snap in the tendons around the ankle. Some people are more at risk than others, including athletes who continually push their bodies to the limits and also people who have previously suffered accidents to the feet, ankles, or lower legs. People who have previously suffered ankle injuries have weaker lateral ankle ligaments making them more common to restrain them.

If you have suffered an ankle sprain, it is important to consult with your podiatrist right away. Ankle sprains can turn into severe injuries that could potentially result in surgical intervention. If the ankle ligaments or muscles are damaged from a tear or rip, the sprain may be severe enough to warrant having surgery done. If the impact of the ankle sprain was severe enough, cartilage in the ankle joint itself could become damaged. This often times requires an arthroscopy (minimally invasive surgical procedure) to alleviate pain and discomfort. After surgery, occasionally the recovery process can be long, often involving rehabilitation sessions with a podiatrist to get your ankle back to full strength and health.

The severity of your sprain may become apparent if you are unable to stand or walk, if non-stop pain is occurring over a prolonged period of time, if swelling is much more severe than initially present, or if you start to experience tingling or numbness. X-Rays, which can be performed in the office of your podiatrist, should always be performed to ensure that there is no break in the bones of the ankle, which almost always requires surgical intervention.

While not completely avoidable, ankle sprains can be curbed with some preventative treatment measures. These include wearing appropriate fitting shoes that not only provide a comfortable fit, but also ankle support. It is also recommended to stretch before doing any kind of physical activity, as this will help lower your body’s chance for an injury. Custom orthotics can be crafted in your podiatrists office if you or someone you know experiences ankle sprains often. These are a great conservative measure that can decrease the probability of future sprains by stabilizing your ankle ligaments and joint itself.

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