Stress & Your Feet

Stress effects your body in many ways. Stress can cause tension, clenched muscles and reduced flexibility. It can also cause excess sweating and swelling of the lower limbs. These reactions from stress can become greater problem if not kept in check.

Stress that causes clenched muscled and reduced flexibility can lead to problems such as plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis due to the lack of flexibility in lower extremities. When stressed and dealing with pre-existing, such as plantar fasciitis, it can cause the problem to come to the forefront, and can have an overall longer healing time. Based on individual cases, doctors can recommend rest to relieve the stress or light walking to help the mind relax and by default the rest of the body relax as well.

Stress is a common issue that effects your sweat patterns that can lead to fungal-related problems in your feet. Excessive sweating can result in undue moisture on your feet which results in skin texture problems which can lead to corns and pressure/friction between the toes.

When our bodies are under stress it can lead to increased redness and swelling, the cause of this is that they due to the stress most people tend to not be as active because of trying to reduce the stress. Joint flexibility is compromised and muscle strength and tone decreases, causing redness and swelling.


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