Sports Medicine for the Foot and Ankle – Snellville Foot Doctors Keep You in the Game

Sports Medicine for the Foot and Ankle – Snellville Foot Doctors Keep You in the Game

Participating in sports and athletics are a great way to maintain physical fitness.  It can be devastating to the athlete who has to sit out of practice, training, and games because of a sports injury.  At Ankle and Foot Centers of Georgia we have a multitude of doctors, physical therapists, and treatment modalities that can help quickly diagnose and treat athletic injuries. 

What type of foot and ankle sports injuries do we treat?

We treat conditions ranging from turf toe, tendon and ligament injuries, ankle sprains, Achilles ruptures, and foot and ankle fractures.  Some of the most common injuries we see are ankle injuries such as a sprained ankle, ankle fractures, or other related ankle pain.

What are the treatment options for sport injuries such as a sprained ankle or ankle pain?

Ultrasounds, MRI’s, and CT exams can be performed to further evaluate the conditions, and conservative (non-surgical) treatments include icing, stretching, muscle strengthening exercises, arch supports, bracing, anti-inflammatories and physical therapy.  Severe cases may require surgery, and we can perform ankle arthroscopies, tendon and ligament repairs, and fracture care as necessary.  The main goal is to prevent injuries from ever reoccurring.  Whether you are a competitive athlete or “weekend warrior” and would like to talk about injury prevention, or have an injury that requires treatment call and schedule an appointment with one of the foot and ankle specialists at the Ankle and Foot Centers of Georgia today.

Dr. Joshua Mann one of the Snellville Foot and Ankle Doctors practicing at the Ankle & Foot Centers of Georgia.  The mission of Dr. Mann and the Ankle & Foot Centers of Georgia is to provide the highest level of podiatric care to every patient who enters their practice.

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding sports related foot and ankle injuries, including ankle sprains or ankle pain, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Joshua Mann for further evaluation. You can call our Snellville, Georgia office at 678-889-1728 or click HERE to make an appointment now!