How to Choose the Correct Athletic Shoes

Choosing the right athletic shoes is much more difficult than it seems. Most people use the generic terms “running shoes” or “sneakers” to refer to this category of footwear, and people of all ages tend to choose these shoes based on price, current trends, and several other irrelevant factors. You might be asking, what are relevant factors, then?

Different Types of Athletic Shoes

First, athletic shoes are grouped into three distinct categories: Walking, running, and training.

  • Walking shoes are slightly stiffer, but they must also have a soft upper area, good shock absorption, and a comfortable sole that does not inhibit your foot’s natural movement while walking.
  • Running shoes should be more flexible and lightweight, with excellent shock absorption and stability to protect your foot while running.
  • Training shoes generally have the features of both so that you can participate in more than one type of exercise – not recommended by foot care experts.

These classifications of footwear are further narrowed to include shoes for court sports, field sports, track-and-field, specialty sports (such as aerobics) and outdoor sports (such as fishing and boating). These shoes are specially designed to properly cushion and protect your foot, and subsequently your overall well-being, during these very different activities.

Getting a Proffessional Opinion

It is important to remember that each person’s feet are different. Prior to purchasing your athletic shoes, you should have a professional measure your foot and inform him or her if your feet have the tendency to experience any discomfort. This is also why it is best to purchase these shoes from specialty stores – they might have higher prices, but they also employ people with the specialized knowledge of footwear.

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