Swollen Feet After Flying: Atlanta Podiatrist, Dr. Jocelyn Curry, Discusses Swollen Feet During Flying

Flying Feet Equals Swollen FeetPodiatrist in Atlanta

Yeah, we know it sounds funny, but flying can actually take its toll on one’s feet. It is true that the high atmospheric pressures of air travel can cause swelling in the lower extremities, which often result in tired achy feet, cramping of the foot muscles, soreness, and general discomfort.

Avoiding Swollen Feet After A Flight

In the most extreme cases some individuals maybe susceptible to blood clots in the leg. However, there are many precautions one can make on long and short trips to keep those high flying foot woes from ruining your trip.

  1. Avoid tight, compressive shoes that have no room to expand. Comfortable, properly fitted shoes will allow your foot to expand. Remember, it is a normal body reaction for the foot to expand when in the face of high pressure areas such as the cabin of a 747!
  2. If you are seated for long periods of time make a concerted effort to get up and move around, thus enhancing the circulation to your feet. Even try moving your feet while seated by acting as if you are pumping on the brakes of your car.
  3. Ask your foot doctor for compression hoses. These gentile hoses are excellent for long flights whether you are a traveler or part of the flight crew. These hoses aid the body by massaging fluid, or the swelling, out of tight spaces such as the feet, and send it back up to the torso so the body can remove the fluid. This, in effect, reduces pressure to the feet and as a result, eliminates the achy foot woes. These hoses have become so advanced that they provide this much needed compression and still manage to be fashionable and comfortable at the same time.
  4. Finally, if you do have a history of blood clots in the leg, be sure to consult your doctor prior to flying, especially long flights where you will be in a seated and stagnant position for long periods of time.

So, the next time you are planning that exciting getaway, business trip, or you are just off to another day at your office in the sky, just remember these helpful tips to take a load off those flying feet!

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