The Fungus Is Among Us! Atlanta, GA Podiatrist, Dr. Ketan Patel, Talks Athlete’s Feet

What is Athlete’s Feet?Athletes Foot

With fitness and exercise becoming more popular every year, conditions such as Athlete’s Foot are becoming more common. Athlete’s Feet is a skin condition caused by fungus attacking and infecting the soles of the feet or in between the toes. The South’s hot and humid weather only adds to the growth of the fungus.

Where do you get Athlete’s Foot?

Commonly assumed to be a poor hygiene condition, this infection is actually contracted in places that we consider to be clean in the first place.

Locations such as locker rooms, indoor swimming pools, or public showers and bathrooms are incredible reservoirs for these most troublesome little germs. The fungus associated with Athlete’s Feet enjoys warm, moist, dark and humid environments which encourage fungus growth. As a result of these ideal conditions, your shoes can become a perfect oasis to support an infection of the feet.

What are the signs of Athlete’s Feet?

Signs and symptom are commonly confused for rash of the skin because both conditions have redness, itching, inflammation, blistering, scaling, and dryness. These symptoms can later be transferred to other body parts by hands used for scratching, or fabrics which may come in contact with the fungus such as bed sheets, towels, or clothing such as your socks. In some instances these infections can be further complicated by bacterial infections which follow the fungus, hence resulting in a bigger problem.

Is there a treatment for Athlete’s Foot?

Prevention is not easy but can be accomplished by simple routine methods such as:

• Avoid walking barefooted in public areas.

• Reduce perspiration in shoes with the use of foot powders and antiperspirant sprays.

• Air out shoes routinely which are prone to excessive moisture such as work boots or leather shoes.

• Change shoes during the day if you have the tendency to sweat or if you work in a damp environment.

• Practice proper hygiene techniques such as bathing your feet with soap and water and drying completely, especially between your toes.

Always be aware that there is fungus among us, but don’t let that be a deterrent to participate in your favorite activities or profession!

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