Blisters, What Are They?
They are bubbles that form on the top layer of your skin and fill up with either pus, blood, or serum (the clear part of your blood). They normally form in circles but can be different based on the cause of the blister. They can be a single blister or they can form in clusters. Sometimes blisters can be painful or itch.

Common Types Of Blisters
Friction:  The most common form of blisters is from frictions. Whether you are breaking in a pair of new shoes, do not have the correct shoes, or just repetitive motion in shoes, these are the most common causes that can create friction blisters.
Heat & Cold:  During the winter & summer extremes, heat and cold, if you do not wear the correct protection on your feet it can create blisters that are commonly painful and a response to preserve your skin on your feet.

Home Remedies
A lot of times blisters heal on their own without any type of treatment. If your blister does not heal on its own or if it is painful, carefully open a corner of the blister closest to the bottom of the foot with a sterilized instrument, like a sewing needle. Drain and immediately apply antibiotic cream and a bandage. Keep feet dry and wear socks with properly fitted shoes.

When To Seek Treatment For Blisters
If you suspect that you may be experiencing issues with your blisters such as bright redness or increased pain around the sore, swelling, or signs of gangrene, it is crucial to seek help immediately as the problem might not be able to be resolved on its own. Not seeking treatment in a timely manner will not only cause further pain but could also permanently and further damage your foot.

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