Calluses & Corns… Signs, Symptoms & Treatments



Calluses are hardened, thickened, sometimes painful patches of skin on your feet. They can be dry and flaky. 

Signs and Symptoms 
Thickening of skin without borders.
Sometimes painful (throbbing & burning).
May form cracks.
Most commonly over bony prominences. 


Corns are smaller types of calluses, that normally develop between or on the toes. 

Signs and Symptoms
Variable texture – dry, waxy, transparent, horned mass.
Distinct borders.
Commonly on toes.
Mostly painful.


Internal & Extercalluses-corns-removalnal Factors That Contribute To Calluses & Corns
Shoes that do not fit properly.
Boney prominences that have developed.
Manual labor.
Not wearing shoes.
Activities that are repetitive and frictional (athletic events; i.e. dancing).
Abnormal foot mechanics. 

How To Help At Home
Keep feet dry and wear socks with properly-fitted shoes. 
Calluses and corns can be smoothed with a pumice stone and lotion.
Place protective coverings to prevent friction.
Soaking your feet and applying a moisturizing cream to affected areas.

When to Seek Treatment for Calluses & Corns
If you suspect that you may be experiencing issues with your calluses or corns such as bright redness around sore, fever, increase in pain or swelling, signs of gangrene or any drainage it is crucial to seek help immediately as the problem might not be able to be resolved on its own. Not seeking treatment in a timely manner will not only cause further pain but could also permanently and further damage your foot.

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