Diabetes And Your Foot Health

diabetes-foot-painTaking care of your feet is an essential part of everyday life. If you live with diabetes it needs to become an even more prominent part of your routine. Diabetics are more likely to experience foot issues because diabetes can damage your nerves and reduce blood flow to your feet. Inspect your feet daily and seek assistance should you get a foot injury

Prevention is the key to helping prevent any serious foot problem and can normally be done with a few small steps.

•  Annually your health care provider should perform a complete foot exam. If you have any problems, it should be more often.
•  While doing your yearly remember to remove socks and shoes. This will be a reminder for a foot check.
•  Healthcare providers can trim your corns, calluses, and toenails if you cannot do so safely.

Daily Care Tips For Diabetics

•  Be active. Discuss your physical activity with your health team.
•  Ask your podiatrist about special shoes that are comfortable for all activities.
•  Wash your feet every day, dry carefully between toes.
•  Set a time every day to check your feet for any red spots, cuts, swelling, and blisters.
•  Keep your skin soft. Use lotion in moderation, over the tops and bottoms of your feet, but not between toes.
•  Wear shoes and socks at all times. Wear comfortable shoes that fit and protect your feet.
•  Protect your feet from hot and cold. Wear shoes on hot pavement and cold floors.
•  Keep blood flowing to your feet. Put your feet up when sitting down. Wiggle your toes and move your ankles up and down for 4-5 minutes, 2-3 times a day.
•  No smoking.
•  Begin taking care of your feet today!

When To Seek Treatment For Diabetic Foot Care

If you suspect that you may be experiencing any issues with your feet and you are a diabetic, it is crucial to seek help immediately as the problem will not be resolved on its own. Not seeking treatment in a timely manner will not only cause further pain but could also permanently and further damage your foot.

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