The Importance of Custom Orthotics Shared by Dr. Jocelyn Curry

It is quite difficult to find someone with the perfect foot type, possessing an ideal arch height, flawless toe alignment and a seamless stride. Our foot structure is just as genetic as our eye color, excluding any congenital abnormalities. In an effort to prevent or delay the progression of certain foot ailments like bunions, hammertoes or arthritis, it is important to have adequate support for the entire foot.

Custom molded orthotics are prescription based shoe inserts made specifically for a patient based on a mold or digital impression of their feet. These inserts may have specialized padding in particular areas to address various foot conditions like Achilles tendonitis, calluses, bunions or heel pain depending on the physician’s recommendations. The orthotics will provide therapeutic support, control and stability as well as shock absorption and comfort.

Someone who has a job that requires extensive standing or walking will need different support than the person who works at desk or behind the wheel. Likewise, custom molded orthotics can be tailored toward a person’s everyday shoe gear, whether it is sneakers or dress shoes. Because the base of the orthotic is made from a dense plastic or similar material, they are built to last 5-10 years with regular wear. Adversely, over-the-counter or store bought insoles are typically made from more flexible materials that are simply cushions and compress within 6 months. If you can bend a shoe insole in half, then it is not offering adequate support and control.

Remember, foot pain does not have to be a part of our daily lives. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars buying different shoes to address your foot pain, when you can have one pair of custom orthotics that can be worn in various pairs of shoes.

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