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Welcome to the Ankle & Foot Centers of America in Franklin, Tennessee! Here, you’ll find board-certified podiatrists Dr. Jeffrey Mitchell, DPM, Dr. Jamil Hossain, DPM, and Dr. Mathew King, DPM ready to diagnose and treat any foot and ankle condition you may have. From heel pain to diabetic foot ulcers to sports injuries and more—they can help get your feet back in tip-top shape!

At the Ankle & Foot Centers of America our Franklin, TN Foot Doctors are dedicated to providing superior care for their patients. Our board-certified doctors offer a wide range of treatments for conditions such as heel pain, bunion removal, hammertoe correction surgery, neuromas treatment options and more. We also offer custom orthotics that can help provide cushioning and support when needed.

Our team is composed of highly experienced professionals who are dedicated to delivering exceptional care tailored to each patient’s individual needs. Our Tennessee Podiatrists in Franklin understand the importance of early diagnosis and treatment so that conditions don’t worsen over time—which is why we make sure our patients receive comprehensive evaluations right away. We strive to create relationships with our patients through trust so that together we can work towards a common goal: lasting relief from foot or ankle issues.

Expert Treatment for Foot and Ankle Conditions in Franklin, TN

When it comes to treating your foot or ankle pain here at the Ankle & Foot Centers of America in Franklin TN, we take a multifactorial approach. First we will evaluate your injury or condition with diagnostic imaging such as x-rays or MRI scans if needed; then discuss available treatment options with you; lastly recommend lifestyle changes like wearing supportive shoes for added relief. Depending on the specific situation or disease process being addressed together we will work on a plan tailored specifically for you and review progress regularly throughout your course of treatment every step of the way!

Additionally our practice provides preventive services such as education about proper shoe fitting as well as proper diet recommendations which can contribute greatly towards maintaining healthy feet long term! Regular follow up visits are also highly recommended in order to monitor any changes in condition throughout time; this helps us ensure that you stay on track with your treatment plan while preventing potential problems from arising down the road should anything be missed initially during evaluation period!

Meet Our Board-Certified Foot Doctors: Your Partners in Foot and Ankle Health

Our foot doctors in Franklin, TN are committed to providing quality care and using advanced technology so our patients feel safe knowing they are receiving superior treatments backed by years of experience combined with modern medical advancements. We understand how precious life is -– which is why our mission is focused on helping each patient achieve optimal health by utilizing all available resources including standard medical practices alongside traditional healing modalities like naturopathy if needed!

For those seeking professional podiatric care from board certified doctors look no further than the Ankle & Foot Centers of America in Franklin Tennessee – where excellence meets compassionate care for all your foot and ankle needs! Contact us today for an appointment or more information about any one of our services!

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