Elective Foot Surgery

Throughout the current COVID-19 crisis, we at the Ankle & Foot Centers of Georgia have striven to ensure that our communities are able to safely receive foot and ankle care during these unprecedented times.

Our team of industry-leading podiatrists are grateful to be able to safely resume elective foot surgery at our Georgia surgical centers. We feel it makes sense to perform these procedures at our private centers now, more than ever, as it positively impacts patient safety and clinical outcomes.

  • Our surgery centers are all state licensed, follow all state and CDC guidelines, and our Newnan and Jonesboro surgery centers are JCAHO accredited.
  • They are specifically designed for foot and ankle procedures making them well-equipped for elective foot surgery.
  • Our highly-trained staff undergoes rigorous safety and compliance education to ensure the best results for our patients.

Patients who visit our clinics and surgery centers, will clearly see our continued commitment to established safety measures aimed at following CDC guidelines. This includes thorough staff and patient screenings for potential contact with COVID-19, and asking that able-bodied patients come to their appointments alone.

Now Might be the Best Time for Elective Foot Surgery!

We are seeing patients across Georgia with unprecedented amounts of time and flexibility to heal appropriately from elective procedures. Time off for patients who work inside industries such as air travel, education, manufacturing, and hospitality allows the opportunity to have surgery which may have otherwise been put off.

With a huge emphases on patient safety, and best clinical outcomes, we encourage those patients needing “quality of life” procedures to consider scheduling their elective foot surgery at our Georgia centers.

Come See Us!

Our team of podiatrists regularly perform highly specialized elective foot surgery in Atlanta, and are dedicated healthcare providers treating patients safely amidst the corona virus pandemic.

Make an appointment with us today by calling 678-902-0456, or CLICK HERE to schedule online!