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Atlanta Podiatrists Safely See Patients Amidst COVID-19:

COVID-19 Update:

COVID-19 Update: 3/24/2020

COVID-19 Safety Procedures

  • We do not want to crowd the office. We are limited to three patients at one given time, so no walk-ins and please be on time for scheduled appointments.
  • ALL contact points, including – bathrooms, door handles, etc. are being sanitized after each use.
  • In order to protect our patients and staff, we are screening all visitors to our practice for fever.
  • Our Physicians and staff are wearing mask and asking patients to do the same if they have them available.
  •  Patients who feel any respiratory illness, extreme fatigue, difficulty breathing / shortness of breath, coughing are being rescheduled after 7-14 days
  • Any accompanying visitor or family member will be asked to wait outside of the building. Exceptions will be made to one parent accompanying a minor child, or to a caregiver who is essential to the patient being seen.