Ankle and Foot Centers of Georgia Participates In the 9th Annual “It’s a Journey” 2-Day Breast Cancer Walk

Ankle and Foot Centers of Georgia was proud to take part in the 9th annual 2-day Breast cancer Walk hosted by It’s The Journey. It’s the Journey is a non- profit organization that focuses on raising money and awareness for breast cancer, as well as the unmet needs of Georgia’s breast cancer community.

Volunteer doctors of podiatry and staff members from The Ankle and Foot Centers of Georgia were stationed along the route, which spanned 20 miles on the first day and 10 miles on the second day. At each “B’rest” stop, these “Foot Angels” treated ailments ranging from blisters to sprained ankles, tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, calluses, bunions, and strains.

“The fight against breast cancer is not a single battle,” Dr. Joseph Giovinco said. “It’s an ongoing struggle that is faced with courage and determination. It is, in fact, a journey. From innocence to mature awareness, and a voyage such as this should never be taken lightly. After taking part in such an extraordinary event we will think of those who have walked their course or simply could not complete their journey in the fight against breast cancer.”

This year’s walk took walkers on a scenic and memorable route which led them through historic in-town neighborhoods, new developing areas, and parkways, including lunch on the lawn of the Governor’s Mansion before finishing at Pemberton Place at The World of Coca-Cola.

“It was by far an emotional weekend for everyone. For the walkers, it was the challenge of completing the journey for themselves, in honor of a friend, a family member or simply for the cause. For the volunteers it was the echoes of the heart-felt stories, the tears in walkers’ eyes, and the language of walkers’ bodies telling the stories of their pain who at the end of it all would say, “If I can survive cancer, I can endure a few blisters.”

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