Do you take the health and well-being of your feet for granted? Do you believe that you may be in need of a podiatrist? You have come to the right place! 

At Ankle and Foot Centers of Georgia, we have the most comprehensive system of foot care experts and resources you can find anywhere. Our skilled and experienced team of podiatrists is fully equipped with all the latest knowledge and tools, enabling us to provide you with excellent treatment for any and all of your individual needs.

Our podiatry services include:

As your local podiatry experts, we want you to have the very best care for your feet! We believe that the first step to proper foot care is to be well-informed about the common ailments that can befall your feet, including the ways to diagnose, treat and/or prevent them. That is why we have also provided you with a basic foot health overview on the General Foot Information page.

To learn more about our podiatry services, please do not hesitate to call, email or visit us at Ankle and Foot Centers of Georgia. We have over 30 convenient locations for you to choose from across the Atlanta area.